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International Conference on Air Quality

1. Background

Population growth and economic activities lead to higher energy consumption. Energy consumption could lead to increase the air pollution level as well as GHGs emission. The air pollution could cause adverse effect to human health and environment. Continue increase of Air pollution in Asian countries and specifically in developing countries including Indonesia especially in a big city like Jakarta, Bangkok could  cause air pollution even worst and could have massive negative impacts.

The current urban development in most of developing countries including Indonesia, could cause high urbanization, raise number of population, economic activities, number of vehicles and increase energy consumption.  Lack of implementation on Control strategy and enforcement in reducing air pollution and GHGs emission become an obstacle on this issues. Energy saving in any sector could significantly reduce air pollution level and GHGs emission.


2. Objectives of the Conference are

To provide a plat form for exchange of knowledge, ideas and information among academics, researchers, NGO, Government Officers, industries and post graduate Scholars in Environmental Engineering, and in other related subjects, Chemical Engineering, energy and Transportation

To discuss and evaluate the current control strategy, control technology, policy approachs to control the air pollution and GHGs emission adapted to Developing countries

To promote cooperation and net -working among the policy makers, academics, researchers, practitioners, NGOs involved in addressing the Air Quality and GHGs emission issues.


3. Main Topic

Air Quality Control and Management

Energy and Sustainable Transport


4. Committee

Organizing Committee

Head : Prof. Dr. Ir. Puji Lestari

Team : Member of Air and Waste Management Research Group FTSL ITB (Sub Air Quality)

            Indra Candra and Fajar Kurniawan (Toyota)


5. Important Date and Venue

Venue: Aula Barat dan Aula Timur ITB, 27-28 Februari 2018

•30 January 2018: Submission deadline for abstract
•9 February 2018: Notification of acceptance abstract for presentation
•16 February 2018: Registration deadline

6. Registration

Please send your email with subject registration to icaq2018@gmail.com, include:

Name, Affiliation, Purpose (as participant/presenter).


register via http;//bit.ly/icaq2018